I ran across a quote recently that really hit home. It said “I may not be where I thought I’d be, but I am where I was meant to be”. With my upbringing in Memphis, TN it didn’t seem in the cards I’d end up a Hollywood Stuntwomen doubling children, playing Creatures,  married to a New Zealand Musician and living in Santa Monica. I began dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics and riding 3-wheelers at a young age. With three older brothers I learned quite of bit of mischief and scaling walls as well.
I was a two-time National Cheerleading Champion on ESPN at Germantown High School and recruited my senior year to  to be a Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) Instructor, where I worked  4 years during college teaching Cheer camps at Universities around the U.S. Being the smallest at 4″9″, I was on top of pyramids,thrown, tossed, and flipped in the air (and occasionally dropped). I never would of imagined these skills would come in handy later in life while performing stunts.
After majoring in Broadcasting from the University of Tennessee, I worked for Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and the Memphis Radio Group briefly then moved on to New York City to begin my adulthood. I landed a job a E! Entertainment as a assistant and after 3 short months was fired for all kinds of reasons. Too embarrassed to go home, I took up waitressing where I met many eccentric and exciting people trying to make it in showbiz. I put myself through an acting program,had all kinds of wild life experiences , and later decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting.
While my acting career didn’t take off as I hoped, I started landing gigs “standing-in” and photo doubling for kids in TV and movies which got me my SAG card.This type of work lead me to my first taste of Stunt Work on the show “Ghost Whisperer and Everyone Hates Chris” in 2006. I was immediately hooked and in love but knew I had a long way to go before I called myself a stuntwomen. In 2011 I became a member of the Stuntwomen’s Association , which was beyond a dream come true. I feel completely blessed to be included alongside these incredible stuntwomen . My long term goal is to be cast as the little old lady actress( who does her own stunts) when Im a senior citizen.If not Im ALWAYS happy to play an elf, hobbit, or possessed creature in any horror film.

*I was born in Rapid City, SD in a 10ft snow storm but only lived there 10 days.

*My first credits on IMDB are “Stoner on couch” and “Ward patient” I had a bright future in acting ahead.

*I lived in NYC during 9/11. That day I waited in line to donate blood and  didnt weight enough so I felt helpless however, that evening had the opportunity to help two people who worked downtown and couldnt get home stay overnight at our apartment.

* I recently played a deadly Chupacabra in a Indie Horror film, which will come out in 2015(Dream job)

*I put a mask on and went trick or treating with my husband 3 years ago and He is still creeped out by the experience.

*My husband, Greg Johnson is a well known Singer Songwriter in his home country of New Zealand. www.gregjohnsonmusic.com/. I Love that i have a 2nd home there. its an incredible place.

*My first Stunt technically was at age 12 when I jumped out of a moving car as it rolled down a hill in Mississippi, while making a home movie .I accidentally put car in reverse..when it didn’t stop, I jumped. Kids watched in astonishment and laughter. not my parents..it did 2k damage.

*I was a DJ in college at the University of Tennessee for a semester during the overnight shift…i played a lot of Beastie Boys and Widespread Panic

*I was in a band with my brother and the Schilly kids (Spencer and Ginny) called “The Faces” as a child which covered B’52 songs. (these were the same bff’s I made the home movie with called “Murder in Broad Daylight” Spencer is now a filmmaker living in NYC and one of Ru Paul and Tori Spelling Editors. 😉

*My Professor at UT told me I was “way too hyper active” to be a newscaster and I should go into sales.

my favorite way of transportation is the subway and good ol bicycle.

I racked up 20k in dept while living in NYC and still moved to LA determined to make it in show biz..oh to be young and ambitious!

I hope one of the next generation will ban technology and we will go back to home phones and hand written letters.

MY Car was totalled 2 days before my wedding

I need daily spiritual motivation from God or Im sure my life will fall apart.

Since taking the Rick Seaman stunt driving course, my husband says I’m a MUCH better driver.